Dr. David Weingold on Skin Cancer Screening and Self-Examination

August 1, 2012

As a dermatologist in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Dr. David Weingold frequently treats patients with skin cancer. Because early detection of skin cancers can significantly affect one’s prognosis, Dr. Weingold recommends that his patients actively pursue regular skin cancer screenings throughout their lives. Along with annual physician-directed skin examinations, Dr. Weingold recommends performing monthly self-examinations, as well.

When performing self-examination, it is important to note changes in existing spots as soon as they appear. Creating a “mole map” of your body is a good way to keep track of any spots you have on your skin. With your map in hand, you can then examine yourself in a well-lighted room, using a full-length mirror as well as a hand-held mirror, in order to observe every inch of your skin, including under your nails, on your scalp, and behind your ears. If you notice any changes, consult with a doctor right away.


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